How the artists hear their music

MDR-CD900ST are truly professional monitor headphones jointly developed by Sony,
boasting some of the world’s most advanced technology,
and Sony Music Studios, an expert in the art of music production.
Faithful audio quality with finely-honed definition and imaging.
Highly acclaimed and trusted as a tool of the trade at many recording studios
for more than 30 years, since their launch in 1989.
  • Driver units

  • Sensitivity

  • Frequency response

  • Impedance

  • Maximum input

Ample resolution for monitoring
Driver units developed in-house greatly surpass the resolution needed in monitoring.
The faithful audio quality they offer reproduces even subtle differences in details
from definition to imaging and reverberation.
Ultimately pure sound,
true to the original audio image
Meticulously designed for the quality and durability needed in professional scenarios including recording,
postproduction, and broadcast studios, and featuring internally developed driver units.
As a result, the headphones succeed in offering clear,
accurate audio quality with minimal distortion.
Versatile studio headphones
With high input resistance (maximum input: 1,000 mW) and a reinforced frame and covers, the headphones
emphasize audio quality while offering the durability and solid performance needed
at recording or broadcast studios.
A quest to satisfy a variety of requirements from a professional perspective has earned the praise and trust of
many studio engineers and musicians.
Type Closed dynamic headphones
Driver units 40 mm, dome type (CCAW)
Maximum input 1,000 mW (IEC)
Impedance 63 Ω (at 1 kHz)
Sensitivity 106 dB/mW
5 to 30,000 Hz (JEITA)
Cord length 2.5 m
Cord thickness Φ4.0 mm
Plug standard stereo plug
Weight approx. 200 g (excluding cord)
MSRP ¥19,800(including tax)

No warranty period is offered for these headphones, which are designed
to professional specifications and intended for studio use. All repairs are fee-based.